About Us

We have fishing in our blood.  It all started with our great-grandfather Alma Kunz.  Alma began guiding in 1919 on the Teton River here in Idaho.  It was his passion that attracted fishermen from all over the world to Teton Valley.  Our father Randy Berry began guiding for Alma when he was 13 years old.  He passed on his knowledge to each of us.  We hope to pass it on to the fifth generation of fishermen here at Teton Valley Lodge, our sons and daughters.

We want you to have the same passion for fly fishing as we do.  People will ask us, “You guide all summer and don’t get to fish for yourself?”  That is right.  We don’t get to fish much for ourselves in the summer months.  Some might think that is a bad deal.  We don’t look at it like that at all.  Being on the river and helping others get into fish is what we love.  Having the ability to be on the river almost every day of spring, summer and fall is a dream come true.  Figuring out where the trout live and what they want to eat and then having you catch them is really awesome.  We don’t ever want to do anything else in life. 


Brian Berry