Well-known for his dynamic designs of the Fireman's Backup, the Fast Axes, and of course the multi-use Haket, Allen (the Axeman) Jensen has taken his wealth of knowledge learned as an avid outdoorsman, scout leader, survival enthusiast, and all-around "McGyver" to design a great Bird and Trout knife. It also serves as a great skinner.

The handle design allows for multiple grip options for various uses. With the knife upside down and the thumb in the choil, it cleans fish without cutting the entrails. Thanks to the "Nesmuk Hump," with the index finger behind the blade and the thumb resting on the handle notch, it makes a great skinning tool for tough hides like bear and beaver. With the conventional grip, its small profile is perfect for camp and kitchen chores and many other uses. The stainless steel blade means years of worry free service in wet environments.

Once you use the BTK, you will see why we say It's a knife with a thousand uses. Allen Jensen is a long time friend of TOPS Knives and was instrumental in building its first shop.


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